I am doing a thing a certain way.

Someone else queries whether that’s the best way

If I haven’t given their counter advice any thought it may be better.

If I have tried their way but found it was worse my way remains better so advice about my way it’s repeated.

If I am being nice I will tell the someone else my way because it’s better.

If they don’t listen, oh well, life’s too short but they are passive disdain.

If they listen but don’t take trust the info, this is active disdain.

If they listen but don’t try the other way, this is retarding themselves.

If they only learn from doing a thing themselves then this is fair but boring.

It’s boring because it makes progress only as fast as the least experienced.

Advice is trying to save time, if it’s sincere.

Advice saves time because it takes only as long as telling a conclusion.

Conclusion is the endgame of experience distilled by analysis.

If advice is rejected without reason it’s disdain and boring.

If advice is rejected with reasons it’s a discussion which may be boring but is at least sincere.

If advice is rejected with reasons that were part of the conclusion, how much time is spent going into detail varies.

If advice is never taken without needing all the experience and analysis told in detail it’s passive mistrust and gets boring.

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