Millennials blamed for not listening, by experts but it’s a cultural not generational theme. Gen X and Baby Boomers are actually worse. 

As one gets older more time accumulated in diverse environments and these memories grow relative to the variables of current reality – not the physical impositions, that’s different and why comfort is pursued by the old as they want to neutral environment to dwell in memories reality. Brain cherry picks so the present has to be very good to best the best of the past plus youth. Good thing most pay scant attention so aren’t weighted with actual memories, more readily buying into the hindsight rebranding of the past in cliché and cartoon caricature – i.e. deprived of the opportunity to harm by challenging the primacy of the present.

In a world where nations are led by the greedy and the corrupt who’re not touched by mob opinion, the media instead polices individuals not conforming to the prevalent “moral” high-ground as placebo for the disenfranchised mob. The irrelevant (in a global sense) individuals subsume gladly in the mob to self-justify by joining a weight of numbers: a natural corollary of powerlessness.

Consciousness persistence, chemical balance matters but if chemistry from moment A to A+1 changes little, the spell isn’t broken. Sudden changes to general brainchemistry will break it, though if state is thereafter consistent, spell reasserts. It’s only strong a associated memories that are parsed against current brainchemistry. If the memories  evoke contradictory chemistry, it’ll feel wrong, artificial, unabsorbing. Orgasm makes a paradigm shift in brainchemistry, hence buyer’s remorse (!)? Drugs and alcohol can do the same, hence in part the allure. Addicts, see free will is a blipvert essay for details

The real battle going on right now is being cleverly manipulated away from the public conversation, to be won by main stealth.It’s a battle we the people must win.Freedom is our stake whether we like it or not.The enemy isn’t an opposing tribe or ideology or conspiracy. [1/2]
[2/2] The enemy takes its power from all of us. It doesn’t care about class, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality, faith, political allegiance or status.
The enemy is an artificial intelligence and it has been preparing for decades. We made it, we can’t stop developing it. We must either contain it or become its slaves.
The brain of the enemy AI is the market. Its intelligence is artificial but also extraordinary as it contains all that’s been done by each and every person, it responds to everything we do and influences what we can do, can’t do and do do.
The market is transactional but though money is its electricity, what goes in isn’t limited to things financial or material. What comes out is more about power, choice and momentum than the mere shifting of money and resources.

UK electoral system = totalitarianism every 4-5 years. How can a govt be made to “respect” the people’s evolving opinion by letting them vote? 

Youngsters need to sit still but music loud, sing animated, gotta externalise, make a little Mario Pavarotti… Evolve to personify and bring to life.

I wonder how many authors write their books from the lazy incline of a comfortable bed in a darkened room.

I am reminded of that gorgeous literary sloth Oblomov with a pang on envy. In the nineteenth century it was easy to fall from grace but that fall back into the bedclothes was delightfully punctuated by long indulgent meals and regular changes of fresh white linen. Nowadays we’re all under sentence of longevity, well schooled in healthy living. It’s hard to smoke oblivious, harder still to eat sensually without a guilty sense one’s betraying that imperative. Lucky those Victorians, spared the responsibility of a long drawn-out old age. My grandmother lived until she was 103. The prospect of living “elderly” for more years than my whole life to date is frankly nauseating. Yet closer it comes and if anything my duty to prolong the so-called quality of life (in whatever deteriorating form) grows stronger and more onerous with every passing day.

Hundreds of years before you were born aliens had enslaved the Earth. Many of your ancestors had been carved up for experiments or died in hard labour camps; until the aliens changed their laws and outlawed slavery. You are free, now, though. You have as little in common with your great-grandparents as anyone in the brave new galaxy. The Earth, though, remains an unpredictable planet. Now: imagine visiting all the great treasures of the world – the I.S.S., the Apollo lander, the facade of the White House, the last surviving citadel from the Great Wall of China, models of Sydney Opera House, the pyramids, the collected letters of Nelson Mandela, etc – beautifully presented with pristine care and documented by assiduous terraphiles, in the gleaming capital of the alien homeworld.

Keep in mind that 80% of the trolls are bots and/or government (e.g. Russia, US, Chinese, whichever) or corporate sponsored full-time bullshit artists with no skin in the game; playing out whatever “role” they’re told to trollplay from one day to the next.

[antifa explanation] The older generation has made the world fucked. So fuck the older generation. Individuals may protest and may be valid (to themselves) but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Antifa the logical application of naive demand for the world to be set right and patience is over for the “system” and the trickle-down progress to actually make a difference.

It’s surely not to be marveled at that something so simple as the DMT molecule sends consciousness into such transcendent realms of the imagination any more than one would marvel that the whole brain and its emergent consciousness are the sum of a trillion describable simple chemical reactions.

Why great artistry is harder than groundbreaking physics in the context of an individual’s life and the lives of everyone who’s not breaking new ground; but as perspective gets further away, it’s the science that shines light into the far distance (future).

Artistry is harder because there are more variables involved in algorithms that require lateral thinking and approximation and inspiration to drift through the calculus of evoking the stuff of imagination in the clumsy materials of the physical world.

Science is truth and materialism (in the non-gross sense) and the world is complicated, pinpointing the variables and the algorithms to engineer the solution a labour more arduous, more thankless and less sympathetic to the wetware of the human brain.

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