Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Germaine Greer Modern Guardian Hijack Feminism for the Lumpen Bourgeois

Dunning Kruger smart folks manifested

Mention the Buckley – Cambridge Union – 70s furore.

Fascism Guardian leftist prediction 20 years ago.

Germaine Greer calls for punishment for rape to be reduced

Germaine, your shock-jock musings just í today’s young feminists

Wilful misunderstood GG point about violence being key to rape, else it’s the ultimate in being offended. Abstract line of logic Vs triggered, shortcoming in intellectual capacity made manifest #metoomedocre – progress from mob rule by violence to mob rule by vitriol, equality in rape at last. 21st century progress.

Examples: students at Evergreen not letting the teacher go piss, Jordan Peterson v Cathy Newman / Aziz Ansari date rape…

Emasculation in gender fluidity means more than just cutting off male’s bollocks but an anti tall poppy syndrome, a castration of discourse and nuance, a win for the lumpen bourgeois (better word for). Turning history to good and evil cartoon part of this bolx. Greer in the 60s to be mocked or caricatured – separated from the real nuanced human being – think temporal unternensch, thus appropriate the acceptable twisted to suit mob slogan zeitgeist etc.