Clare Booth Luce – feminist, staunch opponent of Bible misogyny. Interesting the way her entry in Wikipedia whitewashes her feminism off the map. Ironic that one of the contemporary advocates of Luce as an antiestablishment pioneer was conservative William F Buckley.

YouTube: Firing Line with Norman Mailer, another with Jack Kerouac, British social transformation in the 1960s and 1970s from Macmillan (post Imperial reality) to Thatcher (economics as the bull in the china shop). Long list, Firing Line, all in 

Spender, poet: “propaganda is at root a failure of feeling.” Consider this point re: strangers as untermensch, synonymous with freedom to exploit/impose by dint of mere narrative – synopsis society. What comes first, the lack of feeling or the need to lack feeling?

Joseph Campbell – Jungian dreams and shared sub-conscious crossover. Layer in Hinduism as a tangible gateway to the living myth and subconscious archetypes.

“Biocentrism” nonfiction book by Robert Lanza.

Tackle the Bhagavad Gita, distilled annotation of the Upanishads.



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