This thinking is hard to separate from the standard con job used in cold reading, in overlaying transcendent meaning on confirmation bias coincidences. It’s applying a anthropocentric meaning to the universe. This might well be sensible policy to encourage positivity and dynamism in the face of life’s gradually encroaching end. But it also undermines potential. By making things anthropic the pinnacle of the universe, the drive to be anything fundamentally more than what we are – mere ephemeral vessels for the transfer of genes across the sea of time. Egomania is healthy in the context of an individual’s short life but it is an elaboration on more base, simplistic superstitions that have comforted (and retarded) human progress from the get go.

“there’s such emptiness in a universe without the companionship of God”

Yes, this is true. And if as an individual the void in knowledge that makes so much of the universe vast and unknown, and the future uncertain is too bleak to cope with: choose God, choose DMT, choose conspiracy theories, choose clairvoyance, choose ghosts, choose whatever. But keep it to yourself. Don’t hold back the rest of the world. Let science be free.

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