It’s hard to beat the experienced intuition of even the dumbest brain by conscious thinking unless the task is specifically difficult for unconscious parsing (are there any?). There is a much lower bandwidth in the necessary communications between the emergent conscious self and the diverse unconscious intelligences let alone conscious to memory versus unconscious to memory. Conscious thinking is as if handicapped, for all the effort in the world, cuz it’s at best a metaphorical ta-da on some crossover with unconscious resources – retarded or limited or just a plain old distraction. I’m imagining the brain intelligences as a cross-pollinating intertwined network in which the conscious mind is just one subnet, reliant on the unconscious substrate to live, beholden to the substrate for info and impressions, capable of being part of the periphery of the intelligences responsible for its actual role in cognition: an involvement for sure but in a way an embodiment of Echo and Narcissus. Consciousness is Echo. The Unconscious Intelligences are all Narcissus. The subconscious substrate is its universe or the gods.

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