People blaming others for conditions. Where is that?

The big punt, though, is the nightmare world of the Untermensch. This is what’s fucking society more than anything else. That and path of least resistance.

Dehumanised strangers is the biggest disaster and always has been. Failure of imagination.
Antidote runs contrary to path of least resistance.

Everything bad humans do boils down to failure of imagination and/or path of least resistance.
I guess this stands to reason as the two are the yin Yang that sets human beings apart from all other animals.
So the more we act ape, the more bad we do.
Why is this so, when we’re told to be true to ourselves and to use what feels right to guide our actions?
Cuz what feels right is separate to what IS right and path of least resistance means that’s never interrogated, failure of imagination fucks the chances of interrogating correctly.
Fight the animal though it’s hard cuz it’s a fight against what we’ve evolved by natural selection to do.

Untermensch thinking is failure of imagination cuz the stranger can be treated as a caricature without that feeling false: I know he’s evil cuz he’s not like me.
Path of least resistance is happy with this conclusion, mainly cuz it’s easy vanity – I am right – thus it perpetuates.

Truth is Democracy may work to make an ethical society IF all the voters beat the failure of imagination and eschew path of least resistance. This cuz most are actually moral. Self interest close by versus the interests of out of sight out of mind, the former wins, societies exploit. But voters cover a full spectrum of self interests so will vote ethically in 99% of cases, biased only when their own self interest flavour comes up. Leave regulating that to the 99%.

This is kinda the scientific method applied to self interest i.e. peer review by electorate of everyone’s individual self interest 


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