It’s hard to beat the experienced intuition of even the dumbest brain by conscious thinking unless the task is specifically difficult for unconscious parsing (are there any?). There is a much lower bandwidth in the necessary communications between the emergent conscious self and the diverse unconscious intelligences let alone consciousRead More

Why has post-modernism taken hold so successfully, where did it come from and why does it continue to spread – despite the push-back and the warnings – a culture of mediocrity and reductive relativism that’s threatening to destroy centuries of Western thought and culture? We are absurdly accustomed to theRead More

The trouble with all the psychology and neuroscience academics talking about the mystery of consciousness and its elusive nature – how we know how to cut consciousness like with anaesthetic but not why/how it comes back – how neural imaging can show coherent patterns based on what a subject isRead More

Schism: individual v collective. Why each dislike the other etc. World a competition between these two: individual with self-motivation and ideologies and future care over present self interest, collective with popular momentum, slogans and headlines dealing with the here and now to define tomorrow. Fascism as the individual’s fantasy ofRead More

The sixties and seventies had colour and cadence, music and vitality, a culture most social; love and hate all up in your face. People and relationships counted for something and it wasn’t necessary to invent our fears in a vacuum by tabloid crusades vilifying Muslims (yet again) and mapping paedosRead More

Totally correct about the celebrity press tour being more memorable than the movie. The movie becomes an inconvenient burden. And the biggest deal made of the celebrity doing normal things. But ain’t that the same as comedians and their specials, which are often flat, the most memorable bits are theirRead More

This thinking is hard to separate from the standard con job used in cold reading, in overlaying transcendent meaning on confirmation bias coincidences. It’s applying a anthropocentric meaning to the universe. This might well be sensible policy to encourage positivity and dynamism in the face of life’s gradually encroaching end.Read More

Who’s listening? Many hear the sounds or see the words in the page. But listening, if that means not only absorbing what’s been presented – whatever the media – but trying to think objectively and subjectively and vicariously about what is absorbed, so it’s understood. Understanding isn’t demonstrated by agreementRead More