Big money populism – exemplified by Donald Trump and Boris Johnson – is just one side of the capitalist sociopath coin. The other side, maybe more important, is middle class disconnection. Populism fills the vacuum left by middle class retrenchment. Tribalism and social media are tools for this isolation, not causes…Read More

The uneducated and the experts get a lot of flak from trained gatekeepers with big platforms but the antipathy is self-serving virtue signalling designed to cover up a degrading groupthink that’s steadily retarding the progress of our society to a virtual standstill. The recent Dawkins Eugenics “controversy” is a case in point.Read More

This is 2020 and our society is more utilitarian than ever. But it’s increasingly a culture without heritage, locked into an ouroboros sham stability that’s twisted to funnel wealth upward as nation-sized corporations destroy the planet’s future. And yet our society is called democratic; so long as the turkeys keep voting for Christmas…Read More