Glib liberal arts grads use social media to deride the stupid lower class sheeple for electing celebrities and fascist enablers to positions of power. Left and centre-left professionals (and students aiming to succeed them) safely self-congratulate the latest much-retweeted virtue signalling from their flare desks, organic cafes and rainbow dormitories; comfortable in their entitlement.

Meanwhile, the right wing exploiters and the left wing enablers unite in expectation of a future just like the present, both hollow ideology placeholders far enough up the socio-economic totem pole to see but not help extricate proletariat labor from the robots coming to make them obsolete.

Millennials bemoan their predicament: inheriting a world under threat of climate change, where power and opportunity to make a better world is denied by parents and grandparents who’ve decided not to pass anything on without a fight. Sure, life may have become less rigidly structured and more financially constrained than the easy self-indulgent credit rich Baby Boomers and lucky early Generation X children of Reaganite-Thatcherite greed but, kids, sharing an apartment isn’t the end of the world and maybe it’s better for friends to stick together longer. Share the burden of your perpetual peacetime.

And let’s not forget, the liberal middle class tries to help the disadvantaged; making a more equal world by fixating on open expressions of prejudice against genders, races, ethnicities, disabilities, etc. The altruistic soft left has been trying to help the working class for decades. Not for direct material gain. Not expecting gratitude. In fact, let’s call a spade a spade. The working class is never grateful. Or gracious. The ideological know the unwashed masses are their own worst enemy.

But how can the laboring classes be so fucking dumb? That fat opiate-addled herd, the bovine majority, the blue collar, the small-town white collar, the workers. Primates in the primary colors of local sports teams or else cheap knockoff versions of Kardashian Kanye sweatshop couture, voting for demagogues who despise them and will exploit them most thoroughly, spreading their genes with the brutal insouciance shared with a billion third world Catholics, Han Chinese peasants and Indian serfs.

Sometimes these morons protest. See them now: fat white faces denying climate change, blocking abortion clinics, refusing healthcare, infecting one another with coronavirus protesting against any billionaires arrogant enough to use some of their wealth to make the world better. Attacking immigrants, worshipping fame, repeating the same mistakes with the endless persistence of a plant. Played for suckers by the very sociopaths they somehow pray to for deliverance, spastic paroxysms in worship rallies for the sake of a drop of infantile self-importance. It’s a bleak pastiche, that’s for sure.

Flop, flip, gnash, yell, cry “JESUS JESUS JESUS” or some guttural nonsense loosed in waves, led by mega-church preachers demanding gold in many tongues. It’s a lunacy that’s somehow contagious, amplified cardioid microwaves emanating from gold-plated pulpits, corralling nickels and dimes in their millions into the cargo holds of private jets carrying the snake oil salesmen ever forward to the next retarded congregation.

Yes, the lower classes. Can’t live them. Can’t euthanize them. What a worthless crowd of mouth-breathing morons. It’s enough to drive less scrupulous, more right-wing graduates to believe in eugenics of the mind.

The doctrine, behind closed doors, gathers crackers, rednecks, scallies, cholitos, roadmen, working poor, laboring illiterati, itinerants, expendables, a different sub-species, maybe a throwback to the out of Africa migrations back in Pleistocene erectus times when they knew their place: naked and homeless and grovelling before tall trees and bright fire and the implacable face of the moon. These fools are living on borrowed time but you can’t tell them what’s coming or they’ll hate you and blame you and force you to electrify the fence.

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