There’s countless content creators creating contentl. How does an end-user differentiate? Recommendation, advertising or branding. Recommendation depends on who you know. Advertising depends on how much you spend. Branding is a combination of the two. How do we find the gold when everything glitters?Read More

The seemingly accelerated pace of sensory bombardment – often voluntary e.g. social media – can’t feel other than bright and relevant. Zeitgeist has always been important. It is only recently, however, it’s become a disconnect, exclusive unto itself. Being contemporary is good and essential as catalyst for “what next?” asRead More

Clare Booth Luce – feminist, staunch opponent of Bible misogyny. Interesting the way her entry in Wikipedia whitewashes her feminism off the map. Ironic that one of the contemporary advocates of Luce as an antiestablishment pioneer was conservative William F Buckley. YouTube: Firing Line with Norman Mailer, another with JackRead More

Feeling proud to be a certain nationality is bullshit as it’s cheap appropriation of the achievements of others – just by dint of shared geography and ethnicity. It’s not only standing on the shoulders of giants but telling the world you’re proud how tall you are. Hard to comment onRead More

This is a sample of median video content. It’s an example of individual initiative and personal bravery using the lifeline of the internet to reach out to the global community. It’s not a story of easy virtue or happily ever after. This is NOT a Newslegion created video. [youtube=://] NOTE: IfRead More

“Most pass their days in an ever decreasing circle of only agreeable familiar things. It’s comfort. It’s natural. It ends in a gentle senile sigh. But choose instead to push against the current by daily close contact with disagreeable difficult unfamiliar things and it’s less comfortable, no longer a decreasingRead More

People blaming others for conditions. Where is that? The big punt, though, is the nightmare world of the Untermensch. This is what’s fucking society more than anything else. That and path of least resistance. Dehumanised strangers is the biggest disaster and always has been. Failure of imagination.Antidote runs contrary toRead More

Social media gets a lot of abuse these days. The worst instincts played out in cheap anonimity, instant reaction made indelible. Bang! If the first sound is an inarticulate yell, and there’s millions of first sounds, what’s made is a wall of sound. That’s the internet of opinion right now.Read More