Headlines proclaiming the big success of this vaccine are ubiquitous. Write-ups virtually cut and paste across all corporate media. It’s the same angle repeated a thousand times: 90% effective – what a triumph, millions of doses ready before year’s end, billions of dollars next year… Something fishy is going on here. The results don’t match the reporting. At all.Read More

Roche’s Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2 serology test is a blood sample. Based on in-solution double-antigen sandwich format. Blood samples taken 14 days after PCR-confirmed infection process Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2 test with 100% accuracy. It’s available now. Which governments are buying and which are instead risking lives trying to save money (or play nationalist politics by waiting for their own 100% test)?Read More

Big money populism – exemplified by Donald Trump and Boris Johnson – is just one side of the capitalist sociopath coin. The other side, maybe more important, is middle class disconnection. Populism fills the vacuum left by middle class retrenchment. Tribalism and social media are tools for this isolation, not causes…Read More

Habits become boring. Conventions are the inheriting, by stealth, of degraded traditions – the indiscriminate baggage of past generations. Careers make fait accompli of a dangerous faith in impersonal networks of shared self-interest. But what chance do we have for something bigger or better, except by blind lottery luck?Read More

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is a psychological state, observed when a brain holds onto a belief (about reality) in the face of persistent contradictory evidence; by somehow ignoring it. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is stressful but not as disturbing as having to explode a belief. The brain’s natural non-stress state, however, is COGNITIVE CONSONANCE, where belief is evidentially and consistently in alignment with reality.
The less easily observed but nonetheless essential enabler of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is known as COGNITIVE ASSONANCE. ASSONANCE recasts DISSONANCE with most of its stress removed so it feels almost as natural as CONSONANCE.Read More

Letter from Uncle Frank, September 2017.   Dear Nephew, Unfortunately, I think in a lot of cases the only time you can question (interrogate) your brain is when it’s done as close as possible to the actual time you had the thought reaction you’re keen to drill down into. IfRead More