Dear Artificial Intelligence Experts, I have questions! Excuse the length to come – and this preamble – but I’m trying to pin down my current understanding, without straw-man or steel-man bias, to expose to an expert eye if my question is sound or built on erroneous foundation.  Any insight willRead More

Letter from Uncle Frank, September 2017.   Dear Nephew, Unfortunately, I think in a lot of cases the only time you can question (interrogate) your brain is when it’s done as close as possible to the actual time you had the thought reaction you’re keen to drill down into. IfRead More

Why has post-modernism taken hold so successfully, where did it come from and why does it continue to spread – despite the push-back and the warnings – a culture of mediocrity and reductive relativism that’s threatening to destroy centuries of Western thought and culture? We are absurdly accustomed to theRead More