We think of cognitive dissonance as keeping two stark, contradictory opinions in mind – as truths –  often chaotic any-means-possible mental gymnastics.

But that may not be true in most cases, especially when a lot of people are invested together in the contradiction continuing to defy all efforts to expose it. Esoteric religious faith and common denominator party political allegiance are two major cognitive dissonances and both hold their own in the modern world, despite the former being a fantasy and the latter a submission of one’s individuality and moral character.

How do these cognitive dissonances stay in tact, often in the face of evidence and hypocrisy that’s at odds with the person’s private moral code?

What if it’s cognitive assonance i.e. contradiction is maintained by as little dissonance as possible and this minor dissonance is honed by compatible better ideas so ends up being a cognitive assonance shared by a group who’re all, for instance, holding a bunch of bullshit opinions e.g. conservative+anti-abortion+hate-gays-gunrights-racism-anti-immigration-anti minimumwage-anti healthcare for all.

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