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    The 6th of January 2021 was a busy day in the Capitol. The electoral college of the United States was scheduled to formally presented to the Senate, each of the fifty states through their Senators, to the outgoing Vice President Mike Pence. The VP’s acceptance of the college results from each state was a red-letter date in the final weeks before the inauguration of the winner of the November 2020 election. By 306 electoral college votes to 232, that winner was President-elect Joe Biden.

    Donald Trump, his opponent, was disputing the election results from the moment they were called. In daily tantrums, he’s directed accusations, admonishment, approbation, and insinuation at the opposing party, his own Republican state officials, judges (many of whom he’d appointed as allies), companies involved in vote counting, county staff responsible for vote reporting, the list goes on. Trump has gotten more desperate as the date of his departure – willing or not – from the White House gets closer.

    On January 20th, Joe Biden will be formally inaugurated and on that date, his administration takes occupation of the Oval Office.

    Trump is a foul, infantile human being. In a way, he’s American capitalism incarnate. He’s often compelling, a natural communicator to the lowest common denominator. Trump appeals to the worst instincts, using and abusing supporters against their own best interests. Whether he’s selling a bullshit reality show, worthless university degrees or industrially farmed chuck steaks by mail, or throwing out the will of a hundred million voters, it’s all the same game if you’re a sociopath.

    Nobody with a brain should be surprised by the refusal to accept rejection by the people or the tantrum call of cheat, avenge me, march on the Capitol to the eighty million who’d voted Trump in November. Under a thousand showed up in Washington DC to receive a sermon in doing the Lord’s work by storming the Capitol to stop the steal before Congress ratifies the electoral college choice of Biden over Trump.

    Twenty-four hours later every newspaper, every TV channel, a plethora of online news feeds and almost every Senator and Representative are on a feeding frenzy of near-universal condemnation. Of Trump. Of the ragged overweight mob of misguided supporters who’d answered his call, believed his words and protested the ratification of the electoral college.

    Hundreds had crowded the Capitol steps. Windows had been broken. Dozens had slipped into the building before its doors were shut. Citizens had trespassed in the chambers. Some had even pilfered objects from the Speaker’s office. A panicked guard had shot an unnamed woman. Fists had flown. There was some pushing and some shoving. This is not a coup.

    Washington DC Mayor declared a 6PM curfew, and by sundown, the FBI has cleared the Capitol buildings. Protests continued outside but by then, the reactions had drowned the facts; which have been violently unanimous.

    But the way this ghoulish event has been framed – almost universally – and the sententious hypocrisy of so many opportunist media actors is fundamentally wrong. Public statements of defiance, many with calls for revenge against Trump or the protestors, pour forth from the bullshit spigot of hundreds of congressional offices. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. This reaction that’s so on message and so in accord with the accepted official response – voicing the righteous, against all that is wrong – is predictable and yet it’s more corrosive than anything these misguided Trumpites have done today.

    Call the protesters a coup, as if those dupes were organized or capable of such a thing. There was no leadership, no coherent goal, just hundreds of boomers dazed and confused in the cross-hairs of media clickbait and politician opportunism.

    Call the protest an insurrection, yet there were under a thousand people in a nation of over three hundred million, less than the rally of the night before, and the trespassers were cleared from inside the government buildings in a matter of minutes.

    Call the protestors violent, yet the only serious injuries were to an unarmed woman shot dead by a panicked security guard and three boomers in the crowd outside suffering heart attacks during the pro-Trump protest.

    Cry send in the army, arrest the protestors, bring in facial recognition, track the Trump supporters down, punish, punish, punish. There were violent, similarly unanimous demands for revenge after 9/11. Shock and indiscriminate outrage got channeled by cooler minds into a surveillance state and counterproductive grift-invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Half a million lives lost, many thousands of American military casualties.

    Call the protests an assault on democracy, as if repeating the lie often enough makes it true. The die-hard right-wing used the same rhetoric against Black Lives Matter protests, and they too characterized the protest as riots by cherry-picking what the public sees in the news.

    America’s long-term pain comes from the misrepresenting of protests as a violent coup – an attack on democracy, on American freedom – and the myriad consequences of this lie. It doesn’t come from a thousand duped citizens flailing uselessly at the Capitol; or even from Trump’s criminal tantrum. Trump is an exploiter on a petty tyrant scale. He deserves to be in jail.

    But Congress bears far greater responsibility for the evil that’s done to millions of real Americans, every day, all colors and creed. How quickly the blocked $2000 in aid for the American people is forgotten by our ‘free’ press and our ‘vaccinated’ politicians who’ve no need of it anyway.

    Podcast Producer

    Who were the three deaths by natural causes?
    Why wouldn’t the DC chief say they were even protestors?
    Why is there no media scrutiny on this? Tasering the old boomers?

    Vague talk about bombs found but no investigation, yet you can be sure they would’ve investigated if it was true or if it helped the general narrative, the unanimous disinclination to look into these stories is suspect.

    Why allow the fearporn photos of a protestor stealing a podium or some guy dressed Viking (barbarians at the gates) to define the impression of over a thousand involved in the Capital protests?
    Why not ask the people protesting? This same blackout tactic was used against BLM.

    No coup schedules the date of its insurrection weeks in advance. This protest was scheduled. One has to be suspicious of the lack of DC policing. There was certainly plenty of militarized police presence at the BLM protests.

    Footage shows the local security guards let the protestors into the Capitol.
    Inside the Capitol, perfect streaming bandwidth?

    Try to explain how these events are opportunities, not coordinated as such but if you play the odds and sew the seeds, you get the items to respond to. The alignment of media and official responses – statements – footage – is a good rule of thumb for the bullshit spigot.

    The problem isn’t the pantomime but what it covers up: the exploitation of hundreds of millions of poor bastards, foreign wars, poisoned food, censorship legitimization, DHS, surveillance, no more freedom, etc. It’s UNKIND above all.

    Build Back Better – Dems control Senate and House, Biden has a cabinet of neocons, Snowden and Assange are enemies to be caged… Trump supporters are idiots, playing into the hands of the duopoly illusion, capitalized on by media and politicians in such a clear and strident way it speaks to no interest in the truth or in reconciliation or in sympathy but instead opportunism and amplification of one narrative so it excludes all others.

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