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    Our Deaths w/ Bryan “The Kid” Callen

    Always liked Callen, even if he is the son of a CIA plutocrat and (understandably) greenback pill’d.

    I agree with poor Bryan’s antipathy for destructive woke cancel culture and also his respect for Western achievement. But his reasons are wrong, and that might be important. America IS built on exploitation and slavery. Britain then America HAVE plundered the world and in particular the brown, black, and ‘yellow’ populations. But (along with Western Europe) they’re also the well-spring of our precious individual freedom. Sh1t happens.

    The global system IS a deck stacked unfairly against everybody else, primarily in favor of lineages of ethnically white English-speakers. America uses race as its major profiling tool, in law enforcement and creditworthiness. Blacks are systemically screwed by this. White privilege is the reality of this type of institutional racism and classism. It does NOT mean all individual whites are privileged or that all blacks are born to lose. If white privilege (or identity affirmative action) is allowed to intrude on relations between individuals, there’s a problem.

    The reason I’ve copy-pasted this comment is to push back on BOTH woke identity politics and reactionary prejudice.
    Repeat after me: “White privilege exists”. But it’s a socio-economic phenomenon. It’s not about individuals.
    In fact, any time it’s being forced on interpersonal relations, you got yourself a recipe for fascism. Repeat after me: “F fascism”.

    We need to reject woke identity politics. Not because prejudice doesn’t exist in society but because it won’t be socially engineered out of society by merely changing the complexion of the persecuted class.

    Remember: BOTH left-sanctioned woke identity politics and right-subtext reactionary prejudice are BULLSH1T!

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