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    I’d be curious to hear what Matt and Katie think about that LARPing idiot Jayden X versus Max Blumenthal’s hardline response. Max is a good guy, better than most Dems when it comes to not being a hypocrite or a grifter. Yet even he dehumanized Sullivan. What say the useful idiots?

    Trump won’t express contrition. It isn’t only he’s not capable, but it’s not the Trump brand way. If he was contrite he loses cred with his loyal followers. It’s a ridiculous but dangerous situation. Trump’s play is to crash and burn as movie coda spectacular as possible. GOP could choose country over Trump political dissociation. But won’t, as it’s electoral suicide (in their heads). Dems will militarize DC to keep inauguration on schedule. But violence may be national. Suppresion will seem partisan. It’ll radicalize the Trumpites who’re going that way anyway. Trump will choose to be a martyr, so long as it doesn’t discomfort him. He’ll have his people riot in every state capital, even unto civil war, so long as it doesn’t discomfort him. How many Trump fundamentalists are there? Not enough to escalate to civil war. Not enough to face a militarized police with orders to disperse. Inauguration day may be violent. It’ll certainly be portrayed as violent if there’s any power Dems can consolidate out of it. American plutocracy will not be weakened by this January whatever Trump does. American freedom may be already terminally ill. I say that not because of Trump or the millions of armed maga types but because as Matt Taibbi rightly says, the GOP were fascist in their vitriol against the rest of Americans, and the Dems are dehumanizing everyone not fully on board with an unforgiving unsympathetic brutality. Where else can that go but further division?

    As I watch further into the show, Matt and Katie cover most of what I tapped out above, more succinctly, more clearly. Guess that’s why they get the big bucks!

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