13th February 2019

Dear Editor,

I like your (insert liberal or libertarian or green or independent or anti-corruption publication).

It doesn’t matter whether one agrees or disagrees with everything you publish. The alternate bigger picture perspective, the contrarian positions substantiated with actual researched content: it’s an extremely important voice. Yet who hears it?

The brazen, rapacious entrenched interests and incompetent, parochial governments grow more extreme in their methods. Information is ringfenced by Chinese water torture methods, soft power enabled as much by conditioned laziness, the electorate atomised as individuals while the public narratives are increasingly collectivised. Worst instincts are used repeatedly to direct large swathes of the the electorate against their own best interests. Consumer capitalism may be a race to the bottom, albeit one that’s taking decades to play out, but clearly climate change and immortal corporate greed are forcing the pace. The future ain’t bright.

Your articles cite numerous respected journalists, often those mistreated by the mainstream media for daring to choose truth over prescribed message. Are the numbers of free-thinking individuals so small there’s no way to form groups able to challenge the false self-serving cabal of brand name propagandists?

You point out the glib hypocrisy and the crypto-conservatism of so-called Liberal media outlets like the Guardian quite and I share the opinion it’s an evil cipher. In many ways those types of publications are worse than the right wing press equivalents. They tend to use clever rhetoric, trading on histories of trusted reporting, to fool otherwise good-natured readers into thinking they’re getting the official progressive news, all the while training an insidious pro-corporate pro-anglosphere worldview. This section of the media is the most effective propagandising machine, defining the parameters of cultural and political narrative – the anti-individual faux-left agenda –  making sure the key progressive demographic knows its limits, stays on message, and submits to the dominant neoliberal paradigms.

But what is to be done?

Is it so dangerous to put a head above the parapet nobody does it? There’s a significant latent desire for something “better” than this. Why isn’t there an organised push back against these corporate scumbags playing dice with the planet’s future? There’s not even a visible standard about which like-minded “enlightened” individuals could congregate. It’s all very well to lament broken politics but where’s the alternative representation to rally around?

The only solution that’s likely to gain traction against the unrelenting pressure of profit-uber-alles is one that’s able to mobilise numbers. It must ultimately engage the hypocrisy of conventional wisdom with an independence and a widespread penetration that’ll only be possible if it’s funded; to a baseline at least.

Why is nothing substantial happening? Brexit is a catastrophe yet the government gets to play the country for suckers without risk or penalty. I find the lack of constructive outlets for meaningful counter-pressure baffling. Do you know different? If so, we the people beg for some kind of illumination.

Best regards,

Human Beings

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