No doubt there’s important facts I’m not taking into account but I don’t understand how Trump is able to autonomously say “wall off Mexico” or “200 billion tariffs on Chinese goods” and this is instantly policy, effective immediately, vast departments scurrying about implementing these sudden unratified proclamations. Why doesn’t Congress need to ratify or reject the proposed policy, and until then it’s just rhetoric? Why is Trump rhetoric, the least consisted most spontaneous least likely not to change, instantly fact whereas considered proposals by other Presidents subject to full congressional debate, amendments, etc. It’s fucked up.

It’s all very well to bang on about how little Trump knows, how much of a Russian asset he is, Putin’s puppet etc. But this doesn’t seem to have any impact on the sudden new powers Trump is able to exert: immediate policy acquiescence. Why is there no push against Trump’s supreme court pick, at least to the midterms, to let the American people in effect decide whether or not to give assent to a new supreme court justice who’ll be in place for life? Why is also Obama’s supreme court pick set aside? It’s all very well to call the Republicans stupid and ignorant but why are the Democrats the ones being played for suckers?

I don’t understand how Trump is able to make off the cuff comments like “we’ll tariff 50 billion Chinese goods” or “start building a wall at the Mexico border” or “exclude Canada from NAFTA, agreement with Mexico only”… And this instantly becomes policy that’s applied. Who is implementing this so fast? What’s the point of Congress except it seems to rubber stamp. Surely it should be a case of President initiates “this should become policy” and Congress ratifies or rejects it. But without Congressional assent, the policy dies. Especially with economic issues like tariffs and government spending etc.

Why’s Trump the only President to initiate and implementat policy, without Congress getting a look in? Ultimately people must be acting on these Presidential directives, but who are these people? Where do their loyalties lie? 

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