Twelve rules for “not being one of the suckers”



The only thing that matters is laws created, deleted, or amended.

  1. We is an evil pronoun if “we” includes strangers. Not because strangers are better or worse but because you don’t know them; and only when you know them personally, intimately, can you speak about them or for them?
  2. Rhetoric is bullshit. Fine words, however well-spoken, are worthless.
    • Tribalism is bullshit.
    • Symbols are a fascist shorthand.
  3. Opinion is not proof. Opinion about fact is Bullshit Spigot.
    • Opinion points the way to evidence.
    • Expert opinion points the way to better evidence less time to assess.
    • Evidence is the only currency of proof. All else is Bullshit Spigot: gossip, rhetoric, media, propaganda, snake oil selling, lies, misinformation repeated, etc.
  4. Voters must hold the government to account for not holding corporations accountable.
    • Profit made from strangers risks corruption unless there’s personal accountability to the source of the profit, i.e. you.
    • Corporations are not accountable but must hunt profit with every human ingenuity, from any exploitable source.
    • Public corporations are accountable only to profit, which makes corruption inevitable.
    • Government is the only regulator on corruption but rarely acts because it is mostly never held to account.
  5. If it’s not legally binding, it’s not worth anything.
    • Politicians and other public-facing professionals know this.
    • Because they know this, expect any non-binding promise to be a smokescreen unless it includes the binding details and commits to a reasonable timeframe.
  6. Compelling the conformity of strangers – when the behaviour does no direct harm to you – is fascism.
    • Doesn’t matter if the compelled conformity is forcing religious dogma (anti-abortion) or ideology (woke identity politics); it’s two cheeks of the same fascist butt.
    • Virtue signaling is a lie.
    • Virtue signaling is virtue without risk.
    • Virtue signallers are usually corrupt.
    • Examples:
      • BLM by rich corporations
      • MeToo by network executives
      • Green New Deal by college students or Presidents who’re not legislating environmental solutions
      • Climate Change Policy by corporations profiting from biomass when it’s just burning trees instead of coal
      • Virtue signaling is an implicit submission to power.
      • Identity politics and religious fundamentalism are covers for compelled conformity, and therefore ciphers for fascism.
      • Fascism is a dog-eat-dog world where dogs divided by breed compete ruthlessly for dominance.
      • In the fascist worldview:
        • Mercy is weakness
        • Forgiveness is a weakness
        • Different breeds are Untermensch
        • Untermensch individuals don’t matter
        • Ingroup individuals are kin by dint of being the same breed
        • Cross-breeding is an anathema
      • Untermensch must be subordinated to serve the rules as defined by the most powerful breed.
      • Most fascism comes from a legitimate struggle that starts “punching up” but gets poisoned by ambition, weaponized by sociopaths, corrupted in pursuit of power e.g. starving Germans in the 1930s, systemically abused Americans of color, Russian proletariat ground down by decades of totalitarian communism, women subjected to never-ending misogyny, etc.
  7. Resist the Bullshit Spigot at all times. Never drink without a proven filter. No filter? Don’t drink. It’s sewage.
    • The news media business is about profit and power. Their rofit comes from clickbait. Power comes from political orthodoxy.
    • Corporate news media is not a trustworthy source.
    • The main political function of all media is smokescreen and conditioning.
    • Smokescreen aims to distract from reality, which may compromise to allied power, or may fuel demands for real-world accountability on real-world acts. It distracts through gossip and manufactured fear/outrage interlarded with pro-narrative catharsis.
    • Conditioning aims to define the orthodoxy to the citizens so the terms of the conversation. The rules of team-purity tests are known to all.
    • Ideological news media is not a trustworthy source.
  8. Expertise means distilled experience, time devoted to analysis so you don’t have to; but could, given through time.
    • Professionalism rituals and qualifications, obstacles that ringfence careers that don’t deal with objective knowledge research or everyman data analysis are a sign of entrenched wealth, power and corruption.
    • Don’t trust the jobs that hide behind a career where progress isn’t defined by objective knowledge.
    • Anyone can be President. Not everyone can teach advanced astrophysics.
  9. The most damaging (and, ironically, the most helpful) conditioning is unconscious.
    • Unconscious conditioning uses animal brain training.
    • It’s benign when it’s you training yourself in good fitness habits.
    • It’s harmful when it’s you training yourself to be sexually dysfunctional by watching too much porn.
    • Conscious conditioning is higher learning. It’s more difficult when there’s no deeper motivation.
  10. Social media is evil because it’s weaponizing the brain’s natural social ESP to train higher function media messaging.
    • It’s unconscious conditioning without a stake in the user’s self-improvement.
    • All its resources devoted to prolonging the time spent attached to the conditioning. This dynamic is easy to abuse. It’s abused across the board.
    • The simpatico techniques drive extremism and fundamentalism.
    • By dint of being unconscious, they’re incompatible with nuance, context, or anything else that requires conscious thought – as it distracts from the path of least resistance between unconscious stimuli and the animal brain reward system.
  11. And rule#12? There is no rule #12.




COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is a psychological state, observed when a brain holds onto a belief (about reality) in the face of persistent contradictory evidence; by somehow ignoring it. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is stressful but not as disturbing as having to explode a belief. The brain’s natural non-stress state, however, is COGNITIVE CONSONANCE, where belief is evidentially and consistently in alignment with reality.
The less easily observed but nonetheless essential enabler of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is known as COGNITIVE ASSONANCE. ASSONANCE recasts DISSONANCE with most of its stress removed so it feels almost as natural as CONSONANCE.Read More

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