Technology has transformed the 21st-century public square into a globalized web of instant communication, accessible from anywhere, open to everyone.

Personal relationships, professional careers, 24/7 news feeds, public opinion, politics, propaganda, shopping, commerce, pornography, stockmarkets, digital content ad infinitum.

Every day, entire populations converge online via social media.


Technology facilitates this global community of almost 4 billion people (and counting).

It is changing society at an unprecedented pace.

But the internet has not democratized our world.

93% of all online usage routes through just seven corporate platforms.

Everything we do online generates data. Every interaction, every choice, recorded by our devices, harvested by the Silicon Valley cartel.

This “big data” was first used to make smart curation algorithms, to keep us engaged by selecting adverts that best matched our interests.

Machine learning accelerated pattern matching into precise demographic profiling.

Algorithms grow ever more sophisticated.

Addiction is the secret heart of free-market consumer economics.

Corporations – whether Facebook or Fox – apply vast resources to get you addicted; curating content to keep you passively receptive to advertised stimulus.

But addiction algorithms are equally effective in service of ideology.

Institutional power has adapted to online propagation strategies, using their civic position to source privileged data and more deeply penetrate their propaganda into the private lives of citizens.

Data has become a weaponized commodity in the battle for influence over citizen consumers.

Big tech’s monopoly of the popular platforms exploits the asymmetry between us – as individual members of the public – and an unholy convergence of corporate and institutional interests.

The public square is no longer in the hands of the people.

Profiling algorithms parsed by artificial intelligence under exclusive control by corporate-governments change the rules of the game. Classical free market theory no longer applies.

Demographic identity-enforcement corals us by shared confirmation bias. Curated online experience becomes a closed circuit, propagating only sanctioned consumer products and authorized political messaging.

Independent, individual voices no longer reach the wider community without permission.


Hundreds of organic posts won’t trend unless amplified by algorithms and gatekeepers; which never happens if a subject runs contrary to official agenda.

Professional influencers and tech-savvy hypernormalization actors under political direction manufacture trending content into the public narrative.

86.4% of all English-language viral campaigns originate this way.

Free-thinking individuals face the same disempowered future as the oblivious population unless we resist the confluence of monolithic tech, economic incentives and authoritarian self-interest.

But the old methods of public expression have become useless.

Local advertising is obsolete. Innovation resources are regulated. Investigative journalism is marginalized, or censored. Street protests and petitions are ignored.

Non-conformists get diverted into irrelevant echo chambers; or de-platformed. Soon there will be no way to be heard, let alone dissent.

Society must not be subordinated to a single technocratic orthodoxy.

Manipulation by consumer addictions or group outrage degrades us, as individuals, to mere playthings of corporate-government brand name cartels.

Public narrative – our essential cultural discourse – must be more than the self-serving script of a fake duopoly.

There can be no exclusive control of the public square.


Rabblr was created to allow private citizens to compete with exclusive corporate-institutional domination of public space.

Rabblr is cutting-edge tech designed to restore citizen access to the public conversation.

RabblR is a multipurpose ecosystem that proliferates the legitimate impact of coordinated individual action.

RabblR uses pioneering science to re-democratize communication, allowing users to compete with the precision of artificial intelligence algorithms.

RabblR restores the meaning and the spirit of citizen democracy to real-world society, balancing the scales of online influence where they belong: one-man, one-vote.

Rabblr employs powerful algorithm-targeting, exponential org-focus tools, real-time sapient-action-nexus and unique collaboration models. Because RabblR is not a “bot” its universal cipher unlocks the gatekeeper algorithms; with none of the dishonest anonymity of high-priced B2B social media manipulation.

RabblR concentrates the power of the Many – the only authentic civil influence in society – against the algorithms and tech-gatekeepers, to break the corporate-institutional monopoly.

RabblR is Kratos restored to Dēmos

RabblR is Democracy esse quam videri

(“to be, not only seem to be”)

RabblR use cases are myriad. Sample studies here.

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