Everyone’s reaction to crimes and cultural “offences” in the name of Islam seems to be unhelpfully ‘on message’ but a tribal approach to anti-Islam rhetoric is not going to move the narrative forward.

Call me old fashioned but it’s good policy to have an innate suspicion of echo chambers and when there are so many responses of a single consistent ideological predisposition it calls into question not only the objectivity of the contributors but also their motives.

Don’t get me wrong here: Islam is a degraded faith with a populist opiate appeal. Its organisational structure borrows the very worst aspects of unionism, the lowest common denominator demagoguery of a vast Ponzi scheme and a cellular metastasis that’s a natural engine of extremism and terrorism.

But the solution to this particular virus won’t be containment or isolation or angry self-vaccination. This stub article and the comments below may identify a problem but it’s not difficult to spot when an organism is sick. There must be countermeasures that’re up to date with the most advanced strains of Islam as well as its points of entry into identifiable weak points in non-Muslim areas of the corpus homo sapientis.

The virus must be engaged full-on by smart, consistent, secular and apolitical antiviral measures.

Left-wing identity politics and endemic centrist bias and active right-wing prejudice must all be attacked. Exaggerating differences perpetuate them – this we know – and when this goes hand in hand with ethnocultural or religious signifiers, it enflames the most basic traits into the most debased groupthink e.g. brown skin + Muslim + poor becomes a feeling of exclusion, victimhood and radicalisation.

Patience is needed, especially where currently there’s lazy self-aggrandising antipathy. Complicity with wealthy Islam needs to end (e.g. Saudi Arabia) as this not only fuels extremists trained in regions outside the reach of any secular immunology but validates the theocracy-monarchies and thus their versions of fundamentalist Islam.

The West needs to show confidence in its own socio-cultural progress, meet bad ideas with good ideas, without the pointed gun. Education counts, opportunity matters, inclusion is universal when it doesn’t expect submission.

None of this makes for a catchy slogan solution or an overnight resolution but we all know that lasting progress across huge populations take time to permeate. I’ve a feeling this Islam v the World contest can only be won or lost by the West: won by honest won accretion or lost by corruption and avarice.

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