[16:37]  Golly journalists are fucking disgusting. Check this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5002468/Louise-Woodward-walks-three-year-old-daughter-nursery.html

[16:37]  If you recall the case.

[16:37]  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10551621/Louise-Woodward-gives-birth-16-years-after-being-jailed-over-babys-death.html

[16:38]  Completely different paper. NOT. Same cut and paste. But really it’s just cunts harassing some poor mother and her child 20 years later. Fucked up.

[16:39]  It baffles me the kind of degraded character a person would need to have, to photograph or put a name to such an article.

[16:39]  The searchroute was via Louise Woodward. Those were the top results.

[16:40]  Articles three years apart. If you read the last line in both, it’s the same sentence. That’s all fucked up.

[16:40] I see they’ve been banging on all her family’s doors too.

[16:41]  Right yes. Fucking her parents around. Stalking the woman near her home. Referring to how she goes as ‘Mrs Elkes’ now, as if she’s a criminal in hiding, rather than just got married and that’s her husband’s name.

[16:41] Really, these cunts only get away with it because they’re under the same banner as any other news outlet. It’s an abuse of the name.

[16:42] If I ever make a lot of money, I’m going to hire an army of PI’s to follow journalists and paps around taking photos of them all day and asking them every ten minutes what they’re doing and why.

[16:42]  They even tracked down the poor mum of the baby who died 20 years ago, to tell her Louise Woodward had given birth. Then mawkishly reported how the news caused an emotional response.

[16:42] The Sun and the Daily Mail have and continue to do more harm to this country than WWII did.

[16:43]  (no condemnation, mind you)

[16:43]  Telegraph was the one reporting on it first – the birth. Mail stalked mum and toddler going to school some years later. It seems to cross all newspapers.

[16:44] Can you imagine the meeting that idea was discussed in? Did anyone raise an objection, a sharp intake of breath or even a furrowed brow at the prospect of torturing that poor woman with that news?

[16:44]  Exactly

[16:44]  And actually, to be fair to the Daily Mail READERS, I just clocked the comments under that article and it’s a succession of condemnation for the Daily Mail, gutter journalism, leave her alone, etc.

[16:45] Rumour has it that count Paul Dacre was too much even for the jackbooted Rothermeres. How’s now putting together a canal of investors to buy out the Telegraph.

[16:45]  That shit isn’t just Dacre though.

[16:46] No, it’s not.

[16:47]  But yeah, that’s what amazes me too: the meetings they’d have to have, suggesting the article, sending out photographer and journalist to track down the woman and her kid, her parents, the parents of the dead baby.

[16:47]  That costs money too. The dead baby parents live in the US.

[16:47] How does the iPhone butcher autocorrect so completely: cunt not count. He’s not how’s. Cabal not canal.

[16:48] It’s probably a network of freelancers who only get paid if they get the most disgusting and lurid take on any given story.

[16:48] Same for photographers.

[16:48] Who cares about literally lying in the gutter for an upskirt as some tart gets out of her car.. I’ve got a mortgage to pay and no stable job.

[16:48]  Anyway, rant over. I was just gobsmacked at that – so blatant, so degraded, crossing broadsheet and tabloid papers. And it can’t just be freelancers. Telegraph article was written by some bitch called Miranda Prynne.

[16:49]  And freelancers who just happened to coordinate chasing Woodward’s mum AND the dead baby’s parents on the other side of the Atlantic? I’d say that was paper coordinated.

[16:49] A quick perusal of newspapers and morning television is a great insight in to how rancid people can be.

[16:50] Yes. You’re probably right.

[16:50] Too juicy a story to let go.

[16:50] Afternoon she did murder a baby! (She probably didn’t but fuck it)

[16:50] After all not afternoon.

[16:51]  Yeah. But in sanity world where most people live, it’s not a juicy story. It’s not even a story. Even the Daily Mail’s demographic were disgusted by it. In fact, the Telegraph journalist wrote the Daily Mail aricle 3 years later. That figures.

[16:51]  But how do these fuckers get the platform!

[16:52]  And is this the same woman? https://hungrysailors.blog/about-us/

[16:54]  It is the same woman.

[16:54]  FUCKED UP

[16:54]  People are monstrous.

[16:57]  https://muckrack.com/about

[16:58]  I’ll leave you be now and go get cigs. I need to schmoke!

[17:00]  (Muck Rack, ‘head office’ @ 588 Broadway, Suite 503 New York City, NY 10012 … which is a virtual shared officespace. FUCKED UP!)

[17:03] It doesn’t seem to matter what she’s writing about. There’s always a snide mealy mouthed nasty tone.

[17:07]  She’s a standard Ubermensch Untermensch type. Would I’m sure be jolly robust company if you’re”alright” but everyone else: the working class, the eccentric, anyone North of Watford Gap… Fodder at best for algorithm journalism. It’s rotten.

[17:08]  But what’s most fucked up, look at that muckrack.com site, the about page lists the main people involved.


[17:09] Jesus

[17:09] That is a lot of people.

[17:10] Do you think they wanted to go for Muck Rake but bottled it?

[17:15]  FUCKED UP

[17:15]  URL was probably taken.

[17:19] I think you were right when you said algorithm journalism. I noticed they had a software engineer on their list of human beings doing cunty things. I bet they’ve just given up on proper journalism and simply go where the algorithm takes them for clicks. Including on tone and slant.

[17:20] You only have to look at what Carole Caldwaller has dug up in Cambridge Analytica during the Brexit referendum to see that in action.

[17:22] https://twitter.com/carolecadwalla/status/1023466038690820097?ref_src=twcamp%5Eshare%7Ctwsrc%5Eios%7Ctwgr%5Enet.whatsapp.WhatsApp.ShareExtension%7Ctwcon%5E7100%7Ctwterm%5E0

[17:22] Ignore the Russian shit and take a look at the adverts in that thread: the darkies are coming!

[17:23] But the thing about algorithms is they just judge what will work, which means millions of people were already thinking that shit.

[17:24]  Sure. But in a way the brain works by its own shortcuts and algorithms. That it can be simulated isn’t too shocking. Auto generated adverts to push an ideology, in a way, also doesn’t seem to me the rotten core of all this (though it should be tackled).

[17:24]  Right yeah.

[17:25]  It’s like the stage hypnotist. He’s only able to affect the “right” subjects and only able to make them do what they don’t really object to doing anyway. Bringing it what is within already.

[17:27]  I think the disease’s source is in people. And not even so excusable as decent people in rotten systems just following orders or swimming with the flow.

[17:30] Yes. But that’s how Hotler got in to power. People aren’t inherently evil, just susceptible to manipulation, especially if they’re thick. So the manipulator isn’t devoid of responsibility. Advances in data analysis and algorithms have just put that inclination to manipulate on steroids.

[17:31]  Ah no, you’re missing my point. I AM blaming people. But I wasn’t clear: I don’t mean the mob. I  mean the gatekeepers and the propagandists and the journalists and, to an extent, the profit hungry.

[17:33]  I have a theory on all this, in fact, that I’ve not seen written up anywhere yet – and it binds up the Hitler and people enabling in the 30s too; and why that both applies and doesn’t apply in 2018, but where it doesn’t apply there is something more dangerous in its stead.

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