Let’s use the Freudian “ego” and “superego” definitions, for the sake of convenience, with all apposite caveats and warnings.

Ego first makes individualist people who look to individuals for expertise, answers, ideas, how to be, where to explore etc.

Superego first makes social people who look to a natural unconscious sense of what’s right and wrong, which ideas matter, how to be, where to go etc.

Egos include idealists, psychopaths, sociopaths, leaders, original thinkers, explorers, insurgents, cutting edge experts and creators.

Superegos include everyone else and can encompass people who look like one of the ego inclusions but are only the face figurehead symbolising particular points in wider movements set in motion or led or invented by someone else.

The world is 5% egos and 95% superegos. Of that 5%:

  1. 1/5th will be bonkers

  2. 1/5th will be pathologically lazy

  3. 1/5th will be born too far from opportunity they’ll never get to the starting line

  4. 1/5th will sell out to the superegos

  5. 1/10th will be junkies or boozehounds

  6. 1/20th an eighth will preachers for abstinence.

So we’re left with 0.25% adult functional useful egos.

7 billion people at 0.25% is 2.5 million natural individuals strung out across the 200 nations of the world. It’s both a mighty resource and a relatively small number of actual human beings grossly outnumbered up by the 99.75% superegos who’re even more widespread, occupying most national and local power while following (and embodying) general trends in culture, economics, science etc.

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