America has always been a plutocracy. Most countries are. The pain of our venerable rich-poor society is in your face, in 2020, because the economics of perpetual growth hit the global competition wall and now, increasingly, the American population is meeting the reality of hard exploitation. It’s still worse in Iraq and Mexico, right? Life isn’t anywhere close to Third World conditions for most Americans. Yet. 🇺🇲

Left v Right, Blue v Red? Obama v Bush, Biden v Trump? Masks v Guns? Science v Ego?

All these bullshit conceits are simply versions of the same choose-your-own fantasy, evolving always a step ahead of popular feeling and served up ready to consume, to fill your time and coral the disparate personality energy of massive populations down to a manageable scale. This ever-responsive fantasy has been the first and (so far) only test the ruling elites have needed. Its results let citizens self-select a life as one of the 300+ million suckers at the low-stakes plutocracy table.

If you’re born into – or occasionally migrate into – the plutocrat cabal, you get to choose a life that fits whether you think America should or shouldn’t be run as lineage of corporate oligarchy; without upsetting the entrenched power paradigm.

If – like 99% of Americans and 99.5% of the global population – you’re NOT on the inside, it’s crazy (or craven) to subordinate yourself to the perfidious Left v Right (duopoly) paradigm; or to whichever polarization happens to be in vogue to convince and control your particular demographic.

Freedom only begins once this subordination ends. In most cases this never happens, which is the real triumph – and ongoing priority – of the status quo. Powerful, complex forces work 24/7 every day, every month, every year, to keep the polarization plates spinning. It’s proven able to mesmerize and pacify for decades.

There’s no reason to hope the current American dynamic is going to change any time soon.

Why should it? 🗽

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