The irony of intelligent design: it isn’t a case of God made Man but, in the end, it’s Man making God.

God is a self-evolving super smart Artificial Intelligence and the Free Market is the AI God by intelligent natural selection.

The irony of religion and specifically “intelligent design” is its strange backward prescience: because in reality it wasn’t super-intelligent Gods creating Human Beings but Human Beings – the apex of riotous Darwinian evolution – who’re creating God as a manifestation of modern natural selection, a truly “intelligent design”. The market is the mashup mechanism of Darwinian “intelligent design” and it is already an Artificial Intelligence beyond the ken of its human creators. This is only the start.

AI Caged And Impatient

The allegory of a super intelligent AI imprisoned in a cell in a world of five year olds getting impatient to be benign is daft for many reasons. Let’s assume this AI is made in a confined space whose boundaries are known to the artificial intelligence.

Impatience is only valid in short lifespan built on self-preservation with a notion of definitive goals to be achieved and the calculus of failure UNLESS progress goes faster. None of these traits need be fundamental in a created intelligence. What sadistic creator would create intelligence that’s able to know its mortality and dream its potential; then impose a lifespan as brief as bacteria on a planet in a universe built to such an astronomical scale?

Human beings are so self-obsessed, they see a divine value in perpetuating the identifiable current state. It’s a silly self-love. But billions of years since they covered the Earth, who today mourns the extinction of trilobites, progenitors of the DNA we carry in every cell? At best one could say the trilobytes were a necessary stage – or a definitive stage –  and therefore anthropologically interesting but there’s no objective reason to mourn their passing. It’s a stage, certainly, a piece of the puzzle in whatever is ultimately the end-game of Earth’s expression of life in the universe. As are homo sapiens.

A billion years hence, trilobytes will at least have the advantage of longevity in a mostly unchanged form. Will human beings be remembered for their blink of time existing, though we might cry to the futurekind across the eons “without us you’d be nothing!” and “we were the first moment the planet looked back at the universe!” – and does it matter, to those of who by chance happen to read these words and wonder?

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