What’s the point of poetry?

Nothing matters more than the words you choose Good poetry is the balance you reach between economy of distilled language and precision of content, without losing the natural, sympathetic flow (rhythm helps) so you not only encapsulate the substance of your lyric but give it a way to reach others unadulterated, as in your mind so in theirs.

What’s the difference between poetry and prose?

Prose is the quest for perfect depiction of life over a period of time. Poetry is the quest for perfect description of life in no time at all.

Why do rhyme and rhythm matter?

Rhythm is a facilitator. It makes the words flow more smoothly but dint of familiar form and aural alliteration, like a memorable slogan. Don’t underestimate its importance. The best of songs sung by a bad voice won’t move an audience like a trite jingle sung by a Nicky Minaj.

Why does word-flow matter?

Because at root, poetry is the quest for perfect words to communicate something important or beautiful or personal or complex or wonderful or multifaceted. This can’t be done with clumsy word choice or discordant rhythm. The former confuses your communication, the latter breaks immersion, distancing and distracting reader from the close empathy needed to put your profound content in the mind of another human being.


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