Going over the most popular “finds” of magic mushrooms, here’s a useful table for comparison of average psilocybin content. It’s important to get dosage right. Do your research!

P. azurenscens1.78.38.35Stamets and Gartz 1995
P. bohemica1.34.11.02Gartz and Muller 1989; Gartz (1994)
P. semilanceata.98.02.36Gartz 1994
P. baeocystis.85.59.10Repke et al. 1977; Beug and Bigwood 1982(b)
P. cyanescens.85.36.03Stijve and Kuyper 1985; Repke et al. 1977
P. tampanensis.68.32n/aGartz 1994
P. cubensis.63.60.025Gartz 1994; Stijve and de Meijer 1993
P. weilii.61.27.05
P. hoogshagenii.60.10n/aHeim and Hofmann 1958
P. stuntzii.36.12.02Beug and Bigwood 1982(b); Repke et al. 1977
P. cyanofibrillosa.21.04n/aStamets et al. 1980
P. liniformans.16n/d.005Stijve and Kuyper

Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World, Paul Stamets

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