Mon. Jan 18th, 2021



The “psychometrics.pdf” file is a real-world document the lays bare the relatively new field of psychometric profiling, big data analysis and individuated micro-targeting. It’s no joke.

Understanding how psychometrics works is essential if you want to stand any chance of contributing to the public conversation in a way that sticks, in a way that’s not here today, forgotten tomorrow. Not because psychometrics are themselves the be-all and end all but … it speaks to motive, mindset, and method.

In the leaked proposal paper, the pitch – from a Cambridge Analytica (SCL Group) / HaystaqDNA (analogue) – is an offer to the “Vote Leave” taken up by the business right-wing. It is a case study and a comprehensive strategy. In 2020, these techniques are the basis of orthodox political campaigning. The threat to citizen freedom comes from the deregulation of the UK, which in the wrong hands (i.e. the current govt) means it’s got no protections from the avaricious asset-exploitation of wealthy entrenched power (corporate oligarchy and corrupt politicians in public-private partnership, etc). At best, this means maximized profit at the expense of a tax-paying population trapped in ever-decreasing circle of no way out.

TO SCALE: Statue of Liberty (New York, USA) and Motherland (Volgograd, Russia)