It’s argued that Judeo-Christianity is a necessary piece in the story of developing human society. That’s not quite right. It’s a part of OUR human society, as it happens to have happened. It must be taken into consideration when debating how our species, as a whole, got to today and how best we make progress for tomorrow. Fine. But to presume the Abrahamic religions are an inevitable corollary of advanced civilisation is ridiculously parochial. 

Humanity would made progress if, for example, the world had been entirely populated by Asians i.e. Hindus, Buddhists, Confucianists, the global population minus everyone west of India. Nobody today would be talking about Christians, Muslims or Jews, Americans or Europeans. History would’ve been different, sure, but humanity would still have evolved to advanced social, moral and technological modernity.

There is a specious argument that without an Abrahamic (or at least omnipotent) divine lawmaker there can be no true morality, no knowing right from wrong. This is patently nonsense. Would the Asia-only world described above be immoral? Would it lack an innate moral compass? The very idea is risible and only a deeply prejudiced brain could believe an Asia-only world would lack civilised morality, as if barbarous Asia needs the imperial wisdom of Abraham to know good from bad.

Ironically, religion tries to occupy territory that includes morality and right versus wrong yet has been the most susceptible to evil usage e.g. blithe conservative dogma that uses Christianity to justify pride, greed, prejudice and – until recently – slavery. 

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, indeed whichever flavour of religious mythology you choose to flag as the holy word of God: none are inevitable, essential or fundamental. These religions are part of human history, certainly, and the Abrahamic faiths are arguably more important than the classical gods of antiquity. None of them, however, are anything more than utilitarian fairytale. Comfort, crutch, crowd control.

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