Planet Earth House

 “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.”

– Jean-Jacques Rousseau


I committed a crime.
I was born on Earth.
But this planet doesn’t belong to me.
Sometimes I think I deserve some of the Earth to myself.
How dare I?
It belongs to someone else.
Their house. Their rules.
But they are benevolent.
They rent me some earth and in exchange I make shapes.
They tell me if I keep this up one-day I’ll have my own piece of the Earth.
But it’s too hard.
No time.
No opportunity.
I refuse to be cruel.
Too many ahead of me in the line.
The end doesn’t always justify the means.
Which means
A meaner me, ultimately
Some of the tenants do finally get a piece of Earth,
After a lifetime,
But they don’t get to enjoy any of the good shapes they made.

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