Mass media lets one person’s output be magnified without loss of fidelity, one for everybody who wants a copy.

The internet has made the world a global village so this mass media is now international mass media. This looks like a good thing but it’s a double edged sword.

There are countless content creators feeding grist for the mill. How does an enduser differentiate? Recommendation, advertising or brand trust.

Recommendation depends on who you know.

Advertising depends on how much you spend.

Brand trust depends on your platform and your organisation status on the platform.

With so many people making content that’s indistinguishable from a thousand similar creations, the above becomes absolute where before the net it was limited by locale but less competitive inside each subset so quality had a chance to be seen independently, and so to rise.

In the crucible of mass media an independent has to look for an angle or join an organisation or an endorsement or bring a new audience or spend big.

New content creators aren’t untalented but they are unexceptional. Their fame and following is a matter of having won some lottery where 10,000 others just the same didn’t happen to chance on viral.

New content creators not one of the 10,000 go for interviews not from lack of personal potential but to tagnut on the audience the subjects bring.

Content is so easy to create there’s too much of it that’s simpatico for any of us to consume. In this smorgasbord there’s a fickle complacency bred into the users. This defines mass loyalty and mass reaction to paywalls and monetisation.

Ambition-rent seeking is a corollary: a million promises of advice and shortcuts and ways to break in; few entirely invalid, none particularly useful.

The only recommendation that matters is PERSIST, NETWORK, INSIST, and repeat. The hardest phase is going from 0 to 1000. From 1000, talent and consistency and dynamism kick in.

It’s the year 2525 and “Man is still alive”. There are twenty billion human beings on Earth but the old divisions like politics and class have given way to new divergences. In every confederation or country the populations are Einies, Corpos and Chins. Genetech defines birth potential, parental ambition and wealth (and law) regulates ambition and the economic spread within a confederacy determines how many of its citizens get to choose an Einie or Corpos child; and how many are Chins, kept comfortably stupefied, labouring for profit as they’re bought and sold by the market. Some countries don’t give people that choice and it’s one of the biggest bones of contention for the U.N.C. (United Nations and Confederacies).

Think 1984 but 2984. Humanity in the cusp of a great leap forward in consciousness and longevity. Einies and Corpos get access. Chins neither want nor care about either. UBI and religion and Kardashkanye is more than enough for most; and the anomalies can become Corpos or Einies anyway.

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