Fundamentally it’s a battle between realists and fantasists; those who’re living life as if they’re in it together with others and those who’re living life like it’s a movie they star in.

People – the mainstream – used to be more of a blend of these two fundamentals. The past few years things have polarised. But not a polarisation of opinion but way of living life. The opinions just get tacked on for convenience, to have something to say when on screen.

But what about people off screen, why have chosen a side, seemingly arbitrarily… like they’re choosing a football side to chant about. That’s just it, though. They’re never off screen to themselves.

Who decided that was the new political reality though?

The seeds were sewn quite a long while ago. And people don’t cope well with change, generally. Social media, sudden referendum, austerity after the financial crisis (a completely bogus decision that bankrupted what little was left of government in partnership with citizen)…

The UK has Brexit for its theme and script. But I suspect it could’ve been any number of things.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many years from now, people of the future looked back at this period and marvelled that the UK and the US degraded their mandate to educate the populace, to such an extent they allowed their institutions to be controlled by the votes of virtual morons.

But why not go France’s route instead? Historical precedent? Cultural history playing its part?

If you don’t educate people in any of the cultural history of the country; and pro-actively run an education that’s so degraded it dispossesses the vast majority of the citizens of any connection with the past and any critical capacity to parse the present… well, you end up with easily manipulated mobs, like we have.

The vitriol in backlash from Brexiteer types is consistent, also, with people who’ve let themselves be defined and led by a set of opinions they’ve absorbed but not understood or come to independently. Like religious people. The violent reaction against being questioned is the standard response when defending voidspace.

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