It’s January 15th, 2021. We have 10s of millions of people vaccinated, we’re vaccinating more each day. Daily cases of new COVID-19 infected patients also continue to rise. As do hospitalizations. Coronavirus sucks. Most of us can agree on that…

But why is no-one publishing data on the new COVID-19 cases cross-referenced with their vaccine status? Like, was the new case vaccinated or not? If vaccinated, which brand of vaccine, how many doses, etcetera?

Simple stuff, but this data, at scale, would quickly become one of the most important and most useful datasets in the global database of vaccine-versus-virus efficacy (and therefore treatments to beat COVID-19). Knowing this data would save lives. Thousands, even millions of human lives.

Yet, I can’t find this fairly simple info anywhere. Surely, with such clear benefits, uncomplicated variables and an already active international collaboration network, this data is being collected – and collated – and distributed to countries, healthcare networks, hospitals, governments…? Right? If no, why the hell not? If yes, why’s it not being published?

It’s hard to find a good reason why this data isn’t made (or hasn’t been made) available. To protect us from the fact probability is complicated? Government isn’t so benign. To shield efforts by medical professionals trying to wipe out coronavirus from damaging fake news opportunists? Unlikely.

It doesn’t matter if a particular media outlet cannibalizes the efficacy data to sell on-brand headline articles. The paper-thin 90%-95% results released October/November 2020 survived scrutiny. The vaccine efficacy real-world data would too. Besides, our world is beyond the point of propaganda overload. One more turn of the bullshit spigot won’t make a difference.



Vaccine efficacy based on real-world data gathered by medical professionals. Verifiable. Transnational. It’d be one of the most important public service announcements the government or the press (no matter the political spectrum) could provide. I have no doubt the corporate media will use efficacy datasets for clickbait and fearporn, but what else is new? Doesn’t change what’s fact. Doesn’t change the data.

Fact is, like it or not, we’re all now participants in a rolling, real-world stage 3 vaccines trial. In every country on Earth. We’re also guinea pigs for best practice COVID-19 treatments, data on antibody resistance duration. The list goes on. It’s not rocket science. It’s science science. Basic common sense.

We have 10s of millions cases, a growing percentage of which will be vaccinated. Somehow we still have zero efficacy info outside of the bullshit interim trial results. Is the world being taken for a sucker by big pharma? This should be a big deal for everyone. We’ve endured up to 9 months of fucked up lockdowns, barely any government support, no end in sight (in most countries) of the life-on-freeze-frame…

If we had concrete evidence – which we should have, by now – of the 90%+ efficacy, we should see new cases reflect the vaccine benefit versus the unvaccinated new cases.

Think how much hope that would give to the world, how much easier the data would make the rest of the lockdown months. The cross-referenced data may end up being complex. Maybe it’ll show vaccine A was good against coronavirus strain B, but vaccine C better against strain F. Lives would be saved by routing vaccines to strains with the best results. Why’s this not happening?

Absence of organized data and failure to share information has led to hundreds of thousands unnecessary loss of life in 2020. How can we not have improved by 2021? The failure – which remains incomprehensible –  is killing people in every country. It’s coming for you and me too.

In late 2020, a few press releases launched by Big Pharma marketing teams got published in a tsunami of media triumphalism (and relief). Across the planet we read headlines claiming of 90%, 95% efficacy, near-perfect safety results. Vaccine science had beaten the virus, hurrah!

The universal positivity spin and 90%+ efficacy claims were taken at face value, based on partial studies, interim results, unfinished trials (still ongoing). Large-ish participant groups were cherry-picked for the most useful cases, to be cited in conclusions. This is probably standard practice in the multinational pharmaceutical business.

Every media outlet in the world printed celebratory headlines and reassuringly optimistic articles based on interim trial results. Big pharma stock shot up. It added billions of dollars to Pfizer and Moderna’s value.

Fine. Let Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca make billions for their shareholders.
Profit isn’t always an overwhelmingly evil motivation.

The vaccine trial results – called interim but in reality, preliminary – cherry-picked trial data to support the 90%+ efficacy message. Just 80-150 participants ended up defining all the headlines, articles, global public impression, and ultimately secured FDA/UKMC/EDA emergency approval.

We hoped for speedy vaccine availability and we got it. Nobody’s talked about the shortcuts, but we turned trials into little more than short-term safety tests, and, for the sake of expedient needles of vaccine into human arms, we made a calculated risk.

And so the entire human race is the participants of the real-time phase 3 vaccine trial. Necessary? Government incompetence and grift made choosing between risks a one-way fait accompli.

The diver leaping off a cliff into the ocean may not know what exactly is in the water but whatever is there; the future is going to include a lot of swimming…

Calculated risk isn’t the fundamental problem, however egregious the cause. Let post-mortem on government stay post-remedium where it belongs. Incompetence and dishonesty are bigger concerns. It isn’t necessarily proof of impending disaster for us to have sold the public on 90%+ efficacy based on dodgy interim trial results.

But why is there no urgency about publishing globally important vaccine-versus-virus efficacy data?

Are we even gathering the key points of data from the millions of coronavirus cases in the real world, cross-referenced with the individual’s vaccinated status (including which vaccine, how many doses, antibody profile)?

Since we’re to be the phase 3 trial participants, the least government can do is competently collect, collate, and communicate data to the population (and the world).

Millions of vaccinated people. Billions of unvaccinated. Many vaccine brands. Many coronavirus mutations. We must build clear evidence of multivariable efficacy (or best use, best dosages). It could happen within the month; and continue to improve fidelity thereafter. But is it happening?

There’s no evidence of a coordinated policy. Why’s nobody demanding this simple common sense co-operation? Is everyone else living in a simulation with the ‘common sense’ feature switched off?

Why is the lack of this coronavirus vaccine efficacy data collection – data that impacts every life on the planet – not headline news?

Arguments over how to interpret, publish, collaboratively gather or communicate data to the general public – sure, these would be reasonable – but radio silence (as of January 15th, 2021) with no headlines, no media outcry, no public push back, no political pressure. It’s baffling.

These datasets could be the most important news in the world for this inglorious phase in our nation’s history. Yet I can’t find a whiff of anyone discussing the data being collected, let alone its results being parsed and published for the public good. There don’t seem to be any public voices in North America or Europe asking government or press or national health organizations about vaccine efficacy data either. Why not?

Does anybody know what the fuck is going on?

p.s. Dear Tech-Anonymous Plutocrats, I would like a slice of the bootstrapping humanity 2.0 pie.

p.p.s. Dear Lizard Illuminati, I would like a slice of the intergalactic soul volcano pie.

p.p.p.s. Dear Robot Overlords, I would like a slice of the silicon pie.

p.p.p.p.s. Dear Alien Overlords, I would like a slice of the carbon-based life form pie.

p.p.p.p.p.s. Dear DMT Machine Elves, I would like all slices of my neurological mind-space to remain mine.

p.p.p.p.p.p.s. Dear World, I would like the common-sense feature to be switched back ON.

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. Dear Future. Is anybody there?

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  1. Best and only data I’ve come across. From the Israeli program, which has the benefit of proper cross-referencing and high coverage. As the graphs below show: too early to tell, but 95% efficacy you’d have expected to see SOME impact on the new infections, new hospitalizations. We’ll know better in a few weeks I guess.

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